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About WMTS

Would you like to see the maps of MAPIRE integrated in your own homepage? Should the old maps of MAPIRE be the illustrations to your very content? Would you use our historical maps in your GIS software, in your own data projects? All of them are possible; the solution is the WMTS (Web Map Tile Service) technology. It is supported by the most important web map visualization modules as well as the major GIS packages, so - right upon the signature of the contract - our maps can be incorporated in your webpage or application. Working even with Google Maps, OpenLayers, QGIS or other GIS software, you can define a 'historical layer', thus projecting to each other the modern and the historical maps, playing a kind of time machine.

Copyright / Ancillary Copyright

The Original of the acquired digital copy is protected by copyright and all rights are reserved by the Austrian State Archives. The digital copies can solely be used for private usage. The publication of digital copies requires the specific approval of the Austrian State Archives while correctly quoting and naming the source, as well as paying the necessary publication fee. The unauthorized distribution or publication is disallowed and can be legally pursued.

In every publication, the following reference has to be made:

Digital copy
Copyright (c) [Österreichisches Staatsarchiv] – all rights reserved (signature, z.B B „IXa 242“)

Copyright (c) [Österreichisches Staatsarchiv] – all rights reserved (survey, z.B. „Josephinische Landesaufnahme“ / „First military survey“)

The author has to provide a deposit copy of any publication, diploma thesis, dissertation or habilitation for the Austrian State Archives at no cost.

For more accurate information about publication and liability and claimes for damages for unauthorized distribution, please look at the users regulations.

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